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John L.

Story Ideas

Hello again. Although it's unlikely that most people won't be able to see this page until Malika is able to recreate the background (which is when we decided to release this site to the public). We need to get some ideas. The first idea was by Malika, to recreate a fairy tale or something similar. Just something short enough to be a first game.

Zach W. handed me a piece of paper a couple days ago with:

RPG Ideas
Province at Black River
Heir: Annkhi

Annkhi's fatur (sic) personally routed a mystic in the Seven Soverigns war; harboring a grudge, and perting weis (sic) calling him a "slavering dog," the mystic has come to Black Rivers and cursed the entire province with Lycanthropy. Annkhi, deep in prayer at the tree, was spared of the initial wave of the curse, through fasting and a pact of blood, witha local wolf spirit, he resists the curse. To reverse its effects and save his people, he must throw the Mystic's Heart into the Source of the black River.

Please excuse any errors in names or similar. His handwriting is crap. I'll post corrections when given.

Joe(y) said he was getting ideas and also wanted a story with lycanthropes.
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